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Students from the Rabka-Zdrój 1st High School visited Israel

A group of twenty students and three teachers from the 1st High School in Rabka-Zdrój visited their friends from the Ish Shalom High School in Kfar Yona, Israel.

The Polish students toured Jerusalem, including its Old Town, the Town of David and the centre of the city. Then they took part in workshops at the Yad Vashem Institute and visited the Yad Vashem Historical Museum. Besides, they went on a trip to the Dead Sea and the Masada Fortress, as well as visited the Christianity-related sites around the Sea of Galilee and in Nazareth. Their itinerary also included a trip to Tel Aviv together with their Israeli friends.
The programme of the visit also featured meetings with the Ish Shalom school community, the students, the staff and the school principal.
The Polish students stayed at the houses of their Israeli friends, who along with their parents prepared all meals and planned how else spend their time together.
This was a second time that Rabka-Zdrój students had visited Israel. A group of Ish Shalom students will pay a return visit to Poland in October 2016.

Coordinator: Magda Tomalak