kazir holon

Students from Holon visit the Wyszków 1st High School

Students from the C. K. Norwid 1st High School from Wyszków, Poland, met with Israeli high school students from the Ephrayim Katsir High School from Holon on 23 October 2016, as part of the programme Preserving the Memory. The History and Culture of Two Nations.

The meeting included a visit of both groups to the former death camp at Treblinka, where the students commemorated Holocaust victims. Then both groups went to the Wyszków school.
The meeting at the school began with snacks and refreshments prepared by the Polish students. The Israeli delegation was officially welcomed by the Director of the Wyszków school and listened to Antoni Słonimski’s poem Elegy to Little Jewish Towns, recited in Polish and English.
Then the Israeli students learnt how to dance the polonaise and taught traditional Israeli dances to their Polish friends. Both groups also had fun playing sport games together and discussing various issues in smaller groups. They parted hungry for more time spent together.
Coordinator: Michał Czajka

More information about the meeting and the evaluation of the meeting are available in the report